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Furniture personalization

«FORMAN Products» offers a personalization service for furniture – to apply an individual, unique color, graphic solution to the product.

Cabinets for locker rooms, reception desks and other elements of the entrance and interior furniture groups can be made in accordance with the general concept of the design of your fitness club. A wide palette of colors and shades of HPL-plastic will allow you to think over the details of the design of premises.

Individually designed racks will allow you to consider both your wishes and the features of the room in which they will be installed. Technology of HPL-plastic figured cutting allows you to reproduce complex contours for decoration of furniture elements of non-standard forms.

Personalization of furniture is made by engraving or transferring of photo images to facades and decorative elements. The image applied to the facades of furniture is able to preserve the brightness and saturation of the flowers for a long time, to withstand high operational loads and temperature changes. Any artistic, graphic or photographic material can be used for the application.