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Introducing the new innovative Hook Master simulator


This simulator was developed according to a patented trajectory of movement based on the study of the load on the muscles of the shoulder girdle, arms and back during rotational arm movements.

Currently, simulator models are being created, aimed primarily at creating a rotational movement of the arms under load, which limits the range of loading on the upper body and the users' interest in this type of simulators in general: the simulators are designed so that the user's arms are located parallel (in the vertical plane). With this setting of the hands, it is not possible to make a rotational movement, which will allow to straighten the arms at the elbow joint, since the movement is carried out exclusively in a ircle, which limits the amplitude of the work not only of the arms, but also of the upper shoulder girdle. The simulator HOOK MASTER solves this problem by expanding the range of created trajectories, which are maximally typical for various sports, where swing, rotational and jerk movements are performed.

An elliptical ergometer that allows you to train the muscles of the shoulder girdle, arms and back (swing and shock-push movements) with forced connection of the shoulder girdle, using various trajectories with a wide range of applications, and is designed for various sports where the upper body is actively involved.


  • The principle of operation of the simulator is based on the use of a variable elliptical trajectory of movement

  • Magnetic loading system ensures even distribution of force, smooth running and quiet operation of the mechanism


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