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About FP-130 "Squats"

After the exhibition presentation of our new products, as promised, we begin to cover the details about them.

Today we will talk about the FP-130 "Squats" - next step of Gym Machines designed in collaboration with Denis Semenikhin.

Regardless of the technical complexity of the design, an important rule of FOREMAN is the creation of intuitive, convenient and reliable equipment. 

"Stand on the platform and fasten your seat belt" is all that is necessary for the starting position in the FP-130. The lever mechanism has 3 positions to which you can fasten the belt. Users of different height and weight can easily choose their comfortable position. A large carabiner on the belt helps to quickly attach the belt to the simulator.

Note that the basis of the belt is a wear-resistant sling, which allows it not to twist during the exercise. 

In earlier publications, we introduced you to the trends of the fitness industry and talked about the increased demand for compact equipment. This machine is such an example of it.