Russian manufacturer of sports equipment

How was the first day on "Russia.Fitness"

When we planned our stand and created customized exhibition pieces, we pursued a very important goal.

A demonstration on a concrete live example of the high-quality capabilities of a sports equipment manufacturer that would make it possible to realize the most daring ideas. After all, personalization is not just a choice of color – it is also a large-scale process of adapting products to individual conditions and wishes. The most important ingredient needed to create a separate "gym world" in each gym.

Our stand has become a kind of unity of opposites. We divided it into two zones: brutal concrete and delicate pink.

We saw your interest, desire to test new products, smiles and pleasant surprise. The questions of the visitors were answered tirelessly and with pleasure.

"Barbicore", "indestructible simulators", "creatively", "my friend would definitely go to such a club ...", "the barbie room has been found" - we received a large number of responses, messages, reposts after the first day of the forum.

And as for the intrigue and the simulators not mentioned in social networks, there are two of them – the "Well" and "Standing leg dilution". The guests of the forum actively studied them and left their first feedback. We will definitely tell you more in the following publications.

Thank you all for the high appreciation of our equipment. Your recognition is a sign of the quality and reliability of FOREMAN simulators, as well as evidence of common efforts to achieve your health and fitness goals.

With best wishes and huge thanks, the FOREMAN team.