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About FP-826 Shrug/Sissy Squat

Connect diverse isolated exercises. We are pleased to introduce you FP-826

In our company, we understand this situation well and work a lot on 2–in-1 products. In earlier publications, we introduced you to simulators of this type - "FN-304 Vertical/Horizontal thrust", "FN-122 Mixing/Leg dilution" and others.

Next, we thought about the development of this area. What if we combine diverse isolated exercises? After all, you must agree, the situation often develops in such a way that there is simply not enough space for point muscle training simulators. And in a highly competitive environment, the availability of unique solutions is always an important advantage.

The result of our design developments was a completely new multi-trainer. We are pleased to introduce you: FP-826 Shrug/Sissy Squat