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About FW-415 Incline dumbbell bench with pivots

At the moment, the collection of simulators, developed with the participation of Denis Semenikhin, already has 6 positions.

And FW-415 "Incline dumbbell bench with pivots" is one of the first products created as part of our cooperation. The unique simulator, which in just a few months after the presentation, really became in demand in fitness clubs and sports forums.

And this is no coincidence, since its essence is convenience and safety, the FW–415 is designed for comfortable dumbbell feeding with an inclined bench press.

Racks and "dumbbell traps".

The easily recognizable design of the simulator is due to these very important design elements. They make the task as easy as possible when using heavy weights and allow you to both take dumbbells (close to the starting position) and return them to their place at the end of the exercise.

But how does the simulator insure against accidental drops of dumbbells?

The dumbbell traps are equipped with special clamps that snap automatically and after performing the exercise, you just need to put the weights on the supports.

The big advantage of this unique device is the biomechanically adjusted dumbbell feed angles. Due to this, the arms are safely rotated to the correct starting position and lowered back without uncontrolled movements and jerks.

You can always quickly customize the simulator for yourself. The racks, as well as the seat, are easily adjustable in height.

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