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Planning the equipment for fitness club gyms

When planning a new or modernizing an existing fitness club, equipping the gyms with free weights is often formed according to the residual principle. A standard set of Olympic disks, a basic row of dumbbells, a set of rods, straight and curved vultures, locks and handles for traction are laid. This approach will subsequently lead to a number of inconveniences.

Proper planning of equipping the fitness club gyms with free weights will not only avoid unnecessary problems in the process of work, but also increase the attractiveness of your fitness club in the eyes of customers.


First of all, you should determine the coverage of the main free weights (disks, dumbbells and bars). Weights with urethane coating are more expensive than rubberized analogs, but they do not leave strips on the floor covering, they have high wear resistance and do not have an unpleasant smell. To enhance the status of the fitness club, its logo is applied to free weights. One of the best ways to print a logo is the laser engraving method, which makes it possible to get a bright and stable image on scales with a urethane coating. The logo is burned on the surface with a laser beam, and then liquid urethane is poured into the formed voids, which is fixed securely during cooling. For rubberized free weights, it is possible to apply the logo in the form of a polymer sticker. It is important to remember that the personalization of dumbbells, bars and disks takes time, and therefore is ordered in advance.

Free weights

When equipping the functional training gym or the CrossFit system gym, you will need bumpy disks with a steel bushing. The surface of these discs consists of a special vulcanized rubber and when used they can be thrown to the floor from the height of the user without the risk of damage to the floor covering and the disc itself. The X-training disks which have two types of handles are great for functional exercises and trainings of golfers: for effective exercise and for easy lifting the disc from the floor. Discs have the same outer diameter, which is especially valuable when working on oblique muscles. Also for functional exercises you need two-color or rubberized weights.

Rod for bodypump

When selecting free weights in the aerobics room, you need to decide on the dumbbell cover. The most convenient option - dumbbells in a vinyl shell, which can be easily and quickly cleaned of contaminants. Dumbbells in a neoprene shell look more stylish, but get dirty faster, and even get rid of dirt is much harder. When choosing the booms for bodypump, you need to remember that the main clients of the aerobics room are women. They will more like models with bright, colorful discs than models with black discs.

After free weights are chosen, it is necessary to solve the problem of their storage. Unorganized storage usually leads to the fact that your customers will not always be able to quickly find a disc or dumbbells of the right weight, as a result of which the effectiveness of their training will decrease. To ensure compact storage and quick access to free weights, specially designed racks and stands will help. When choosing storage systems, you need to remember that for each type of free weights there are their own rack models, and not always models intended for storage of one kind are suitable for storing another. For example, it will not be possible to store discs for pump-aerobics on the stand for Olympic discs, since the diameter of the landing ring for these discs is different.

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