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Organization of a functional trainings zone

The organization of a zone for functional trainings A modern fitness club is inconceivable without a zone for functional training. One of the most optimal ways to organize the space of such a zone is to install a frame for functional training.

Organization of a functional trainings zone

The frame for functional training allows in a small space to concentrate all the necessary elements for carrying out full-fledged functional training. The design includes a variety of horizontal bars and crossbars, which are used both for pulling up, and for securing additional equipment (loops, shock absorbers, etc.), holders for vultures and rods, handles, Swedish walls, racks and loops for exercises with ropes, Etc. At the request of the customer, the frame can be equipped with a power column, a trampoline for medical balls and other necessary for functional training, elements. Also, the effectiveness of classes helps to increase the hinged elements, for example, benches and horizontal bars / beams.

The frame can be either standard or custom-made. The second option allows you to take into account the size and features of the room (columns, ledges), in which the frame will be installed, as well as the individual wishes of the customer.

In 2014, FOREMAN Products Company announced the beginning of long-term cooperation with the largest network of fitness clubs in the world - Fitness First. Within the framework of the cooperation, 4 fitness clubs in Malaysia were equipped with FOREMAN® frames, developed according to individual projects, in order to optimally use the available space for training. For example, the frame in the club "The Curve" is designed exactly to the size of the niche in which it is installed, and the frame in the club "1 Mont 'Kiara" has a special zone for storing discs and vultures, which allows customers to not spend time searching for equipment during Training. The basic design of all frames is colored in the company's bright red color of the Fitness First network.

The frame in the Berlin fitness club Lovfit is designed so that the protrusions and column in the hall do not interfere with the conduct of full-fledged training. Thus, on a fairly small area, which is difficult to adapt for classes, the club received a full-fledged platform for functional training.

Frame FOREMAN® in the fitness club Republika gives customers the opportunity to combine power and functional exercises and does not take up much space due to their compact size. The color of the main structure and additional elements is selected in such a way that the frame is combined with the color gamut of the simulators installed in the hall.

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