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Furniture for entrance group

No public place can be imagined without a wardrobe. Furniture for this zone must meet the increased requirements for quality and reliability, be comfortable, functional and in harmony with the interior of the room.


The ideal framework for such furniture will be a matrix profile made of aviation aluminum, which firmly connects all the elements among themselves and which is not corroded by tribostatic spraying of powder paint followed by high-temperature treatment.

The optimal material for the production of furniture in the entrance group is a strong ecological layered HPL-plastic. It is resistant to moisture and alkali and is not subject to deformation.

Individual design of the wardrobe allows you to take into account all the wishes of the client, as well as the features of the room in which it will be installed. Technology of figured cutting HPL-plastic allows you to reproduce complex contours for decoration of furniture elements of non-standard forms.

A wide range of colors and different surface texture of the facades make it possible to produce furniture that best matches the design of the room. Furniture can be personalized by engraving or moving pictures. Any artistic, graphic or photographic material can be used for the application. The image can be applied to any part of the smooth facade. Personalized furniture will create a unique and unique design of the room.

Wardrobe racks, benches, shelves for shoes and other pieces of furniture, consistent in a single interior style and made with the features of the room, will be the decoration of any entrance group.

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