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Fitness boxing - new birth of the ancient sport

Fitness boxing is a new direction in fitness. Harmoniously combining the techniques of boxing and fitness techniques, this sport is suitable for both men and women. Today, fitness box is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. Following the new trend, FOREMAN Products has developed a range of rings and hangers for the fitness box.

The progenitor of the fitness box, classic boxing, is known to mankind since ancient times and has always been considered one of the most popular and spectacular types of martial arts. In the VII century BC. E. boxing was first included in the program of the ancient Olympic Games. However, boxing, as we know it today, originated in England in the XVIII century and in the initial period of its development had very vague rules and a chaotic system of assessments. Only in 1743 the father of the classic boxing Jack Braunton developed new rules that saved this kind of single combat from rudeness and contributed to the formation of boxing as a sport.

Boxing came to Russia in the days of Ivan IV, when the ambassadors of the British Queen Elizabeth I arrived in Moscow and arranged "international matches" just for fun. They also fought in the times of Peter I, who, as is known, loved to try his strength. But the development of boxing as a sports discipline began in Russia only at the end of the XIX century. The pioneer of the national boxing became Lieutenant Michael Kister, who published in 1894 a book "Guide with drawings. English boxing ». For the next year after the book was published in the Khodynka Field outside Moscow, the first official boxing competitions were held. From this time, sections, circles and groups of boxing began to spontaneously appear in various cities of the Russian Empire.

In the late 70's. XX century. Boxing has reached the peak of its popularity. In its scope, it was comparable only to the popularity of the band "The Beatles". And now a new wave has come. Thanks to the developed method, boxing exercises promote the harmonious development and strengthening of the muscular corset, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, develops endurance, coordination, improves concentration, trains the reaction. Anaerobic-aerobic loads, based on movements and special exercises that are widely used by professional boxers, have become popular in the fitness industry.


In modern fitness clubs under the leadership of masters of big boxing, fitness boxing takes place with the invariable notice. Moreover, preference for this type of training is given not only by brutal men, but also by fragile girls, who are attracted by uneven and dynamic movements. And most importantly - the fitness box is built on the basis of general exercises of professional boxing training, doesn't provide sparring therefore it is safe and available to everyone. Promptly developing, it combines not only the use of power and cardio training, but also an anti-stress effect. The main instrument of training and invariable boxing attribute - "pear", allows you to throw out aggression and in return gives a good mood and a tight body.

Important element of trainings is correctly designed ring — a special boxing scaffold. At a time when special structures did not yet exist, the boxers fought on an earthen platform surrounded by spectators. It was the spectators who formed the circle - the "ring" in such a way that each of them received an equal opportunity to watch the battle. When the first boxing schools appeared, for better observation of the battle, high plank platforms were built. And so, that during the struggle the wrestlers did not fall from it, they established along the perimeter a solid wooden railing - the prototype of the current ropes. Of course, both the platform and the railing had no longer a round, but a more comfortable square shape.

Today the FOREMAN Products Company produces rings for boxing, intended for employment in sports clubs, fitness centers, and profile educational institutions. The design of FOREMAN® rings is carried out in accordance with generally accepted standards of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) and the Russian Boxing Federation (RBF). The corners of the ring are equipped with special soft cushions in order to prevent the occurrence of injuries to the boxer, squeezed in the corner. According to the AIBA and the RBF requirements, both cushions and ropes are painted in blue and red. This solution allows athletes to stay focused on the ring. However, the color gamut of the coating can be any, based on the preferences of the customer or the design of the club. In addition, there is the possibility of applying the branded logo of the fitness club. All materials used in production have high performance characteristics, are durable and practical. FOREMAN® boxing rings are already installed in many fitness clubs in Russia and abroad - Happy Fitness, Fit Fashion, Kimberly Land and others.


Boxing is a martial art, in which a lot of attention is paid to the general physical form, development of boxing skills, basic techniques are studied, a blow is put, protection is practiced. For comfortable training, FOREMAN Products specialists design and produce box suspensions with attachments for sports equipment. Bags for boxing, in accordance with the preferences of the customer, can be fixed, or freely move along the guides.

It is important that the lessons are conducted by a professional and experienced instructor - this will make them safe.

«Boxing is a highly coordinated sport, in which there is no preference for training certain muscle groups, they train the entire body. Now, boxing is becoming an increasingly popular form of active leisure for girls, because it combines basic physical activities: running, running on simulators, jumping rope, press exercises. This sport is one of the most energy-intensive, and most importantly, it helps to add self-confidence», - said the master of sports of Russia in kickboxing, five-time champion of St. Petersburg, champion of Russia, champion of the CIS, prize-winner of the European Kickboxing Championship Vladislav Burko.

Fitness-box harmoniously develops the entire body, acts healthily on the whole body, improves metabolism and helps to reduce weight.

«Fitness Expert» Magazine № 8 August / October 2016