Russian manufacturer of sports equipment
GAT Relaxx Enterprise
GAT Relaxx is an enhanced version of the GAT Lock Administration program for visualizing, monitoring and setting up online access control systems.
Товар подходит для:

Fitness centers and sports complexes


The GAT Relaxx program is compatible with common hardware and software components and works through an SQL server. In addition to displaying the current status of lockers (busy display) and anti-burglary control (alarm display), the program allows the remote control over each individual locker.

All segments of the system are shown on display. The graphical user interface makes navigation between individual groups / segments simple and understandable. Statistical analysis and reports are now more detailed and accurate.

GAT Relaxx offers a function of differentiating the user access levels. The functions of the GAT Relaxx program can be easily performed through an application that works in any operating system.

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