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FOREMAN® in LEVEL UP Fitness Xpress + Utropolis

26 October 2016

FOREMAN Products continues to increase its presence in the international market. Recently, FOREMAN® professional strength equipment was installed in Shah-Alam (Malaysia) in the fitness club LEVEL UP Fitness Xpress + Utropolis.

Having extensive experience in international supplies of professional power equipment, including in Malaysia, the companies entrusted equipping another club, this time in Shah-Alam.

LEVEL UP Fitness Xpress + Utropolis is a 24-hour access to the fitness club. For a relatively small Asian city of 650,000 people this is a landmark figure. For comparison, in such a large city as Moscow, 24-hour fitness clubs 143, in St. Petersburg - only 17. The last two decades in the cities of Malaysia there has been an active rise in the sports movement associated with the rapid economic development of this country. The country's leadership provides annual financial support to all fitness clubs and sports halls. Every year the population pays more attention to physical training and begins to go to fitness clubs more often, this is promoted by the propaganda of various sports and a healthy lifestyle in schools. That is why the need for fitness centers, including round the clock, has increased.

LEVEL UP Fitness Xpress + Utropolis equipped with a line of FN exercise machines, installed a multifunctional frame including a target and rebound for medical balls, a hinged step-platform, loops for exercises with ropes, a torso, sliding revolving arms and a multi-leveled hand as well as an integrated section for storing medical balls and weights. A small but functional frame with a capacity of up to 5 people is made by individual order and is designed considering the height of the ceilings, the free space of the club and the tasks it is supposed to perform.

FOREMAN Products congratulates LEVEL UP Fitness Xpress + Utropolis team on successful acquisition of new power equipment, wishes prosperity and new regular customers. 

Thank you for your confidence and the choice of FOREMAN® exercise machines.