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FOREMAN Products equipped Lucky Fitness in China

You might be surprised, but FOREMAN® equipment is now in China. FOREMAN Products equipped Lucky Fitness in Macau. Why did the club owner choose FOREMAN® equipment?

29 December 2021
FOREMAN® Furniture
9 September 2021
Introducing the new innovative Hook Master simulator

This simulator was developed according to a patented trajectory of movement based on the study of the load on the muscles of the shoulder girdle, arms and back during rotational arm movements.

28 June 2021
Nikolay Valuev visited the production of FOREMAN® sports equipment in St. Petersburg

In October 2020, the famous professional boxer Nikolai Valuev visited the production of FORMAN Products in St. Petersburg.

14 January 2021
FOREMAN®️ - Fight Nights Global Tournament Partner
FIGHT NIGHTS tournaments take place in the specially designed FOREMAN® mixed martial arts arena.
12 December 2019
FOREMAN® has once again become a partner of the sports tournament in mixed martial arts

The Fight Nights Global 92 tournament took place on April 6, 2019 at the VTB Arena Dynamo (Moscow), the main fight of which was the incredible fight between Ali Bagautinov and Vartan Asatryan

12 April 2019