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FOREMAN® in Gibraltar

1 August 2016
The geography of deliveries of FOREMAN Products Company was supplemented by Gibraltar - the territory of Great Britain in the south of the Iberian Peninsula. On July 1, 2016, a new fitness club Strength Factory was opened here for which FOREMAN® specialists developed and implemented an individual furniture project.

The concept of the "Strength Factory" club expressed in the slogan "rules are created in order to break them", is designed to make a revolution in the culture of training and inspire the inhabitants of the peninsula to sport feats. The equipment and programs of the club destroy traditional ideas about the fitness club.

The philosophy of Strength Factory is based on the following principles:
  • "Smile when you sweat and experience pleasure from the load"
  • "The pain that you are experiencing must ultimately give you pleasure"
  • "Never give up, never give up"

Guided by these principles, the team of the new club constantly changes the "rules of the game": it updates the complex of exercises for each visitor, making the classes diverse and fascinating.

Inspired by the philosophy of the fitness club, designers and constructors of FOREMAN Products, tried to translate it into a furniture project, the idea of which was 100% consistent with the expectations of the club's management.

The Strength Factory furniture project includes: locker cabinets, safe cabinets, reception desk and bar counter, made of environmentally friendly, durable and durable material - HPL plastic. All furniture is made in the firm colors of "Strength Factory" and personalized with the logo of the club.

FOREMAN® reception desk of HPL plastic has become the central element of the entrance area. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also organizes a functional and ergonomic working space for the club's employees. The original FOREMAN® bar counter, installed in the fitness bar, also has excellent performance. Worktops made of HPL-plastic do not absorb water, they are resistant to aggressive media and unpretentious in care. In the rack, there are zones for placing shopping and bar equipment.

In the locker rooms are installed convenient Z-shaped cases of HPL-plastic with Gantner® electronic locks. Ativandal design of cabinets constructed for intensive use, provides durability and impeccable quality characteristics.

FOREMAN® safe cabinets in the reception area provide a safe place for storing valuables while attending a fitness club.