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FOREMAN® for the healthcare system

6 October 2016

Having appeared 10 years ago, sports equipment and furniture FOREMAN® won the trust of fitness professionals all over the world and proved themselves in many realized projects. Without dwelling on what has been achieved, FOREMAN Products is developing new areas of activity, one of which is the design and manufacture of medical furniture. In the summer, FOREMAN® carried out complex equipment with special furniture of the medical center in Kursk (Russian Federation).

Often, the quality of medical care depends not only on the qualifications and professionalism of medical personnel, but also on the availability of equipment and furniture that provides comfortable conditions for patients to stay and that facilitates adaptation to hospital conditions. Therefore, when designing furniture for a medical center in Kursk, the FOREMAN® team paid special attention to functionality and practicality. It is no accident that the project chose a white-green color palette: acting on the human nervous system, green color simultaneously and calms and mobilizes physical strength, contributes to a faster recovery.

For the medical center, FOREMAN Products designed and manufactured bedside tables FOREMAN®, which are a mandatory piece of furniture in the wards and are intended for the placement of personal belongings, medicines, and various types of medical equipment. Rolling thumbs are easy to move from place to place, and then again fixed with the help of rotary wheels with a stopper. The chambers also have FOREMAN® tables and cabinets made of environmentally friendly HPL plastic and meet strict sanitary and hygienic safety standards. Shelves, lower and upper walls of the cabinet have openings for natural ventilation.

Another inalienable attribute of the medical institution is a cabinet for storing medicines, instruments, dressings, documentation and overalls. The FOREMAN cabinet, installed in the corridors of the clinic, serves to organize the working space of the medical staff. Integrated in the aluminum profile of the cabinets, door hinges allow multiple doors to be opened without loss of connection quality.

"Functional and stylish furniture for the healthcare system that fully meets the sanitary and epidemiological requirements is an important line of work for FOREMAN Products”.

"We want FOREMAN® furniture to be not only aesthetic and ergonomic, but also had excellent operational properties, creating confidence in visitors in the high quality of services", - comments the director of furniture production Nikolai Zakharov.

FOREMAN furniture is resistant to active effects of regularly used cleaning and disinfecting agents, wear-resistant and is not subject to mechanical deformation.