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Australian Parkour Club chooses FOREMAN®

20 December 2016

In Parkour Club “Movement Republic” in Sydney, the FOREMAN Products team installed custom-made equipment.

Movement Republic is a unique fitness studio, representing an innovative and exclusive alternative to what is called Work Out. This is a completely new approach, based on the path of the natural potential of motion.

Parkour philosophy extends the concept to a different way of thinking and looking at the world, which allows you to look at the surrounding space, perceiving "the whole world as a training ground," mentally turning ordinary barriers into obstacles and finding ways to overcome them, not only in training, but in everyday Life. The movement is developing in many countries of the world, winning people's hearts with its spectacularity and beauty. In addition to a specific psychological mood, parkour requires a lot of physical training. Developing new sports directions, FOREMAN Products has taken an interest in the project of equipping the hall for training tracers (people involved in parkour) with great interest.

For Movement Republic Club FOREMAN® designed a multi-functional frame with several columns in the room. When developing zoning projects for fitness clubs, the FOREMAN® team often solves the problems of redesigning inconvenient structures in the room - supporting pillars, beams and others. It is important to use every centimeter of space to the maximum. But thanks to many years of experience, the company's designers were able to easily turn an architectural feature into a functional area for classes.

"Since the customer set the task to place the frame between several columns, it was decided to build around the columns of Swedish walls and lasagna grids, which allowed to create not only an additional zone for fixing various hinged structures and storage of accessories, but also significantly expand the functionality of the frame," - Explained the designer of the company.

At the request of the client, two ladders were modeled, which were painted in different bright colors and fixed on either side of the main structure. A non-standard decision has been applied to the handrail - the ascending part is designed by the "second" level. The first one also remained functional, on the beam are fixed stones for pull-ups and mobile rotating handles with the possibility of fixation. To the frame, with the help of reliable cables, a balancing beam is hung. The accessory can be used as a simulator for strengthening the muscular corset, developing coordination of movements and balance training.

The second interesting development of designers and designers of FOREMAN® became obstacles for jumping. Jumps in various variations serve as a technical basis for performing a large number of parkour elements. They perfectly develop the speed-strength abilities, dexterity and coordination of movements, strong-willed qualities, courage and determination. Jumping also forms applied skills - moving across rough terrain, overcoming obstacles of different shapes and heights, jumping onto elevations and jumping off them.

The FOREMAN® obstacle for Parkour is a multilevel metal frame, trimmed with thick plywood. To prevent slipping and ensure the safety of the surface has a rubber coating, and on the sides of the boxes made holes for easy movement.

In addition, the gym is equipped with multi-compartment combination cabinets of HPL-plastic for storing things of any size: from a phone and a purse (for this purpose, safe cells are provided), to a briefcase or change shoes. Green-black-red colors in the decoration of furniture have become a bright accent in the design of the room.

Heads and employees of the club did not remain indifferent to the new equipment and with great zeal and pleasure took part in the installation and testing process.

We thank the club for the interesting cooperation and wish to conquer all obstacles.