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Personalization as a reflection of your fitness club uniqueness

15 October 2014

FORMAN Products Company offers a personalization service for power simulators, free weights and furniture to create an original and unique interior in your fitness club.

Personalization as a reflection of your fitness club uniqueness

Personalization will enhance the status of your club in the eyes of customers and allow you to promote your own brand, using equipment with a logo at mass events, in photo shoots, etc.



Most the strength equipment suppliers, have a standard complete set of training apparatus includes one color of a frame and one color of pillows. Other colors can be selected only at an additional cost. However, the same exercise machine, made in different colors of the frame and upholstery, can look quite different. That is why we offer our customers to choose the color of the frames and upholstery of the pillows from a sufficiently wide range of colors, with the possibility of color matching with an additional palette and the coloring of the frames as an additional option (for an additional fee).

The abundance of color combinations will allow you to choose equipment for almost any design decision. You can choose the color gamut of the simulators in accordance with the color scheme of your fitness club, or vice versa, focus on them by selecting bright or contrast colors of frames and pillows.



An important role in the design of the gym can also play free weights. Bright free weights with monophonic equipment will help to give dynamics to the gym (for example, colored discs will help to "revitalize" a strict gym). To give individuality to dumbbells, discs and bars, you can put your fitness club logo on them. We offer several options for applying the logo: from polymer labels to laser engraving with pouring liquid urethane to produce a bright and resistant full-color image.


Cabinets for locker rooms, reception desks and other elements of the entrance and interior furniture groups can also be made in accordance with the general concept of decorating your fitness club. A wide palette of colors and shades of HPL-plastic will allow you to think over the details of the design of premises.

Individually designed racks will allow you to consider both your wishes and the features of the room in which they will be installed. Technology of figured cutting of HPL-plastic allows you to reproduce complex contours for decoration of furniture elements of non-standard forms.

Furniture can be personalized by engraving or moving pictures. Any artistic, graphic or photographic material can be used for the application.

* Individual decor of equipment with the logo of the fitness club and other graphic information.

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