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WorkOut is a sport for everyone

The sports equipment produced under the FOREMAN® brand is known all over the world. Constantly improving, the company develops new progressive fitness areas, one of which is WorkOut. Due to the growing popularity of this sports movement, "FOREMAN Products, SPb" is successfully implementing projects for equipping outdoor sports grounds and sports towns.

20 January 2017
Fitness boxing - new birth of the ancient sport

Fitness boxing is a new direction in fitness. Harmoniously combining the techniques of boxing and fitness techniques, this sport is suitable for both men and women. Today, fitness box is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. Following the new trend, FOREMAN Products has developed a range of rings and hangers for the fitness box.

4 August 2016
FOREMAN Products – 10 years as one day

The Russian manufacturer of professional sports equipment "FOREMAN Products" this year celebrates its decade.

14 April 2016
Organization of a functional trainings zone

The organization of a zone for functional trainings A modern fitness club is inconceivable without a zone for functional training. One of the most optimal ways to organize the space of such a zone is to install a frame for functional training.

10 April 2015
Personalization as a reflection of your fitness club uniqueness

FORMAN Products Company offers a personalization service for power simulators, free weights and furniture to create an original and unique interior in your fitness club.

15 October 2014
Furniture for entrance group

No public place can be imagined without a wardrobe. Furniture for this zone must meet the increased requirements for quality and reliability, be comfortable, functional and in harmony with the interior of the room.

14 October 2014
Planning the equipment for fitness club gyms

When planning a new or modernizing an existing fitness club, equipping the gyms with free weights is often formed according to the residual principle. A standard set of Olympic disks, a basic row of dumbbells, a set of rods, straight and curved vultures, locks and handles for traction are laid. This approach will subsequently lead to a number of inconveniences.

5 June 2014