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FOREMAN® on the Week of Health and Fitness

21 November 2016

Within the framework of the "Health and Fitness Week" in St. Petersburg, V international exhibition-forum "Healthy lifestyle" was held. "FOREMAN Products St. Petersburg" together with the B. Weider’s college of bodybuilding and fitness took part in the event.

The "Health and Fitness Week", which took place in October in the northern capital, united the exhibitions "Healthy Lifestyle" and "FITNESS EXPO", as well as the Open Championship of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region in bodybuilding and fitness.

At the joint stand at the exhibition "Healthy Lifestyle", FOREMAN Products Company presented FOREMAN® frame for the functional training, with the help of which B. Weider’s college of bodybuilding and fitness presented his novelty - 4DPRO exercise machine. The reinforced FOREMAN frame construction allows to withstand high operational loads without deflection and deformation, which is one of the main criteria for working on such simulators.

4DPRO exercise machine is a simple design of hinges, handles, extension pieces and carabiners, which can be easily attached to the metal frame of the frame, to the ceiling in the room with the help of special devices, or even on the door. Due to the fact that the design is very flexible, even the standard push-up turns into a complex complex exercise with the use of a variety of muscle groups in it.

The united stand of FOREMAN Products St. Petersburg and the college of bodybuilding and fitness was visited by the participants and winners of the Open Championship competitions, the Presidium of the Federation of Fitness and Bodybuilding of Russia, judges, and also one of the most titled bodybuilders in Russia, Alexander Fedorov.

The main goal of the exhibition was the promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle. In total, more than 100 Russian and foreign companies - manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services for healing, beauty, youth took part in the exhibition-forum; As well as representatives of public organizations in the field of health and fitness industry.

The organizers of the Week of Health and Fitness paid much attention to the sports and entertainment program, which attracted the attention of visitors of all ages, created a festive atmosphere and allowed to demonstrate the products of the participants in an informal interactive format.